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  • Practical Compost Making

    Practical Compost Making

    To make compost rot rapidly you need to achieve a strong and lasting rise in temperature. Cold piles will eventually decompose and humus will eventually form but, without heat, the process can take a long, long time. Getting a pile to heat up promptly and stay hot requires the right mixture of materials and a…

  • Composting Basics

    Composting Basics

    Managing living systems usually goes better when our methods imitate nature’s. Here’s an example of what happens when we don’t. People who keep tropical fish in home aquariums are informed that to avoid numerous fish diseases they must maintain sterile conditions. Whenever the fish become ill or begin dying, the hobbyist is advised to put…

  • What Is Compost

    What Is Compost

    Do you know what really happens when things rot? Have garden books confused you with vague meanings for words like “stabilized humus?” This post won’t. Are you afraid that compost making is a nasty, unpleasant, or difficult process? It isn’t. A compost pile is actually a fast-track method of changing crude organic materials into something…