Worm Nerd Composting Worms – Live Red Wriggler Compost Worms Mix – Sustainable Compost Worms Live for Organic Materials – Worm Composting Set for Better Soil Structure 100 Worms *CANNOT SHIP TO HAWAII



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    • The Right Choice for Sustainable Living: The red wigglers composting worms by Arcadia Garden are a must-have for healthy gardens and a more sustainable lifestyle in sync with nature!
    • Why It Matters: The red wiggler live composting worms are a great way to dispose of organic materials while also reducing greenhouse gas. The waste produced by the worms can be further used as fertilizer to improve the soil’s health.
    • Easy to Use: We provide a large bag of red wiggler worms that you can add directly to your organic material bin. Make sure to layer the vermicompost bin with coco coir, shredded paper, and torn cardboard and that the bedding is moist. Check regularly that the pH level is 6.0-7.0.
    • For Your Garden: What better way to treat your plants than with high-end soil that is naturally rich in minerals? Our live red wiggler worm casting is rich in phosphates, nitrogen, and potash, helping to soften and enrich your soil for an excellent harvest.
    • Effortless Maintenance: Our live red wiggler arrive safely anywhere in the US (except Hawaii). They eat 25-35% of their body weight daily. They can go through a wide range of organic waste but should not be fed dairy, onions, spicy peppers, meat, or grease. They reproduce quickly in an ideal environment so there is no need for constant repurchases.