10000 Mixed Moss Rose Seeds – HOA Mười Giờ -AKA. Portulaca Grandiflora Mix, Moss-Rose Purslane, Eleven O’clock, Mexican Rose, Sun Rose, Rock Rose | Heat & Drought Tolerant | Ground Cover Plant


Attracts bees and butterflies

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    • Attracts bees and butterflies
    • The vast majority of our seeds are open pollinated & heirloom, with the exception of a few hybrids.
    • Germ Time: 7 – 14 days / Sowing Rate: Approximately 1,000 seeds covers 20 square feet
    • Moss Rose thrives even in poor, sandy soil and can spread 14 inches establishing itself as an effective groundcover in no time.
    • Moss rose seed mix is an annual flowering plant growing in USDA Zones 4 – 9. It will establish quickly, bloom profusely through the summer months, later dying with the first killing frost. However, if seeds manage to fall to the bare ground beneath, the flowers can regrow the following season.
    • GROWING INSTRUCTIONS: Sow seeds in starter trays or individual pots 6 – 8 weeks before end of frost season. Press the seeds into the soil but do not cover. The seeds need light to germinate. Transplant the Moss Rose seedlings into the garden 12″ apart. Portulaca seeds can also be sown in prepared soil outdoors after danger of frost.
    • It makes a great edging plant for the front of a sunny border or grow it in containers and baskets. This mix produces 2 inch, rose-like blooms of intense colors that continue all summer long.
    • Portulacas will produce beautiful, 2 inch, paper like flowers in an array of colors including RED, PINK, YELLOW, WHITE, PURPLE & ROSE. The plants themselves only mature to a height of roughly 3 to 6 inches tall and 12 to 14 inches wide, making it an excellent groundcover plant.