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  • Worm Composting with Red Wiggler Worms

    Introduction Worm composting, also known as vermicomposting, is a simple and effective way to turn kitchen scraps and yard waste into nutrient-rich compost for your garden. By using red wiggler worms, you can speed up the composting process and produce high-quality compost and vermicompost that is rich in beneficial microorganisms and nutrients. Benefits of Worm…

  • Ideal Worm Bin Environment

    Ideal Worm Bin Environment

    Environment Redworms are healthy and active as long as they are kept above freezing and below 85 degrees. Even if the air temperature gets above 85 degrees, their moist bedding will be cooled by evaporation as long as air circulation is adequate. They are most active and will consume the most waste between 55-77 degree—room…

  • Want to know how worms create compost?

    Want to know how worms create compost?

    Vermicomposting or worm composting has gotten very popular. Setting up a bin is super easy, it just takes a trash can or stroage container, some shredded newspaper, a little water, the food scraps and of course, a pound or two of worms. So long as you do not overfeed your worm bin food scraps, you…

  • 10 Interesting Facts About Red Wigglers

    10 Interesting Facts About Red Wigglers

    10 interesting facts about these watermelon-loving, hermaphroditic, voracious, compost dwelling organisms.

  • My Worm Bin Is Attracting Yellow Jackets

    My Worm Bin Is Attracting Yellow Jackets

    I’ve had a worm bin for the last three years and have been very pleased with the end result – “black gold.” I’ve always put watermelon rinds in the worm bin and this year was no different. Just midway through July and I find yellow jackets swarming the bin as soon as the box is…

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    It was 1952 and Mr. Campbell had a worm bin. This shallow box—about two feet wide by four feet long—resided under a worktable in the tiny storeroom/greenhouse adjacent to our grade school science class. It was full of what looked like black, crumbly soil and zillions of small, red wiggly worms, not at all like…