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  • Counter Top Composting Machines

    Have you seen those counter top composting machines advertised? They are supposed to reduce your vegetable scraps and coffee grinds down to usable dirt for your garden. I enjoyed Helen Rosner’s New Yorker article about the promises of such machines. I thought I would share it with you. Click here to read the article.

  • What about a composting barn?

    This farmer in New Zealand is trying one out to keep his herd warm in the winter months. Read more here

  • Composting in New York City Goes Big Time

    Composting in New York City Goes Big Time

    If you thought you had an efficient composting system, you’ve got to read this article Elizabeth Royte wrote for the New York Times entitled The Compost King of New York. The New York City Sanitation Department has instituted a Zero Waste program that asks residents to separate their food scraps and yard waste in separate…

  • Dirt – The Movie

    This is a fantastic documentary that explains quite clearly just how important dirt is to us. Countries without fertile soil are in conflict because they are unable to feed their people, earn money and be productive members of the global community. If you want to see the real importance that dirt and our soil play…