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10 Interesting Facts About Red Wigglers

  1. Though Red Wigglers are a species of earthworm, they are rarely found in soil.
  2. Red Wigglers are photosensitive, therefore, they only work in the dark.
  3. Red Wigglers will excrete a foul smelling liquid when handled roughly.
  4. Red Wigglers when happy and healthy can eat about half of their weight in food each day.
  5. Red Wigglers have gizzards that need grit to help grind up their food. Soil, shredded leaves, coffee grinds are examples of things that support the Red Wigglers digestive process.
  6. Red Wigglers are hermaphroditic (they have both male and female sex organs) but two worms are needed to reproduce. The two worms join together and exchange sperm and both worms secretes cocoons that contain eggs.
  7. Red Wigglers are ready to mate when their clitellums are orange in color.
  8. “Red Wigglers — the Cadillac of worms!” was an advertisement that aired during a broadcast on the sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati.
  9. Teenage Red Wigglers eat more than adult Red Wigglers.
  10. Red Wigglers love watermelon, pureed pumpkin and corn meal. I’ve heard that corn meal encourages Red Wigglers to reproduce prolifically but I have not witnessed that myself.